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Kannel SMPP

Open SMPP Gateway - Kannel SMPP, a robust, reliable, supper fast SMS Gateway with Client-Server Model Serves hunders of Bulk SMS Companies across the globe. It has execellent architecture and covers all the features required by the ever growing Bulk SMS industry, and the commercial support and short falls are taken care by Claremont Systems.

We, at Claremont Systems, have achieved 2000 TPS on 2GB, 2Core Ec2/Ubuntu VPS Machine. We have hands on experince on Kannel DLR Report, OPENSMPPBOX (Recieve SMPP SMS request), SMS Routing, Load Balancing, Unicode / Regional Language Support, Credit and Billing Management and lots more.

We provide Kannel Installtion Service, Web Application, Reseller Module, Kannel Client, Kannel Server, Kannel Customisation, Annual Maintenance etc. One Stop solution for all your SMS Gateway needs.

DLT TLV Compliance as per TRAI

As per the new guidlines issued by TRAI, it is mandatory to send the Principal Entity ID and Template ID along with the Header in every SMS request sent to Indian mobile numbers . Call us for upgrading your SMPP Gateway.

Kannel SMPP Installtion Full Video on Youtube

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